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"Passing the Torch is an exceptional historical film. It tells the Fort Lewis story with great clarity. If you are interested in Fort Lewis history, this is the video you must see."

-Dr. Duane Colt Denfeld, Historian


"Featuring excellent archival materials and photographs—particularly film footage of horse-drawn wagons and other reminders that Fort Lewis arrived just before the modern age—this is highly recommended, especially for regional libraries."

-Video Librarian
3.5 (of 4) Stars


Passing the Torch

Stourwater Pictures was extremely pleased to produce a documentary film on the history of Fort Lewis, near Tacoma, Washington. The compelling story of this military post’s development from 1916 to 1939 provides insights on the Army’s tumultuous journey from an organization dependent on horses and mules to a modern mechanized force prepared to take on the enormous challenges of World War II. The film was part of an effort to protect and mitigate the loss of historical resources in the Fort Lewis Garrison Historic District by increasing awareness and appreciation of historical and cultural resources through research, education, and interpretation; and improving public access to information via a website and our engaging documentary film.

(Running time – 20 minutes)