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Stourwater Pictures is an award-winning production company that specializes in meticulously crafted historical documentary films. We find the essential narratives buried within our subjects—and produce accurate, absorbing, and entertaining films that best honor and reflect their most important themes.


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The filmmaking team of Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers together has over 30 years of documentary film experience. Lucy and Don started their filmmaking careers after completing Masters degrees from the documentary film program at Stanford University. Don’s early work includes cinematography and editing for the PBS series Frontline, as well shooting for many other nationally broadcast television documentary series. He also taught documentary film production at both Stanford and Colorado College. Lucy’s portfolio of films as a producer and director has garnered numerous awards including a Student Academy Award, the Nissan Focus Award, CINE Golden Eagle, and an Artist Trust Fellowship. Together, Lucy and Don have produced and directed numerous notable documentary works, many receiving local, national and foreign broadcast.

Recently, we’ve concentrated on bringing to the screen important stories in Pacific Rim and Pacific Northwest history, producing documentaries that are admired by both academics and critics. We currently have a number of projects in various stages of development and we are available for consultation regarding significant works that may benefit from our experience.