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Asian American Studies, Ethnic  Studies, History.


“EAST OF OCCIDENTAL is an outstanding film history of Seattle’s International District. With historical accuracy, the film depicts the Chinese, Japanese and Filipino populace of the area as they arrived and played their respective roles in the growth of the District and as subsequent events affected them and their culture.”

 - Doris Pieroth, Pres.,
Pacific Northwest Historians Guild


“…a tale of considerable courage and perseverance in the face of racist violence and stereotyping.”

 - Seattle Times

East of Occidental


This eye-opening documentary tells the story of the inhabitants of Seattle’s International District, a unique neighborhood where Chinese, Japanese and Filipino Americans have come together as a political and social force. Archival photographs, oral interviews and period music link the past to the present. From 19th century pioneer Chin Gee Hee, a self-made millionaire and labor contractor, to Wing Luke, the first Chinese American elected to public office, Asian Americans have struggled to be a part of American society. Through stories of Japanese picture brides, Filipino cannery workers, Chinese paper sons and Japanese American World War II veterans, the International District becomes more than a restaurant and shopping center, but a major part of American history.


(Running time – 29 minutes)